3D Printing

I recently finished working with Yuka Oyama for her project HELPERS - Changing Homes. Earlier in the year I was printing 3D scans of her cardboard sculptures and printing pendants of them. Now I have 36 prints as souvenirs for everybody in the team that helped bring this incredible work of art to life. A big thanks to everybody on the team, to FabLab Wellington for sponsoring Yuka, and to Yuka herself for giving me the opportunity to branch out and learn new skills in such a creative environment. Make sure you check her out at or on Instagram @yukaoyamastudio

Thanks for everything Yuka!


Wrapping Up and Exposure

What a year! We are just finishing up with production for Kiwis Can Fly and I just want to say a massive thank you to the team. Everybody put so much into this project and we have ended up with something truly amazing, especially for 6 students! Iā€™m looking forward to whatever the future has in store for all of us.

Also, come by the Exposure exhibition at Massey Wellington to see some incredible work, all of Creative Media production has some impressive work to showcase. The show runs from November 3rd to November 17th


Things Are Heating Up

Things are really starting to pick up work wise. The team and I are trying to get through all of the animation as quickly as possible to give our rendering TD/all round superman, Kyle Phan, enough footage to send to the render farm over the holidays when all of the computers will be empty. Which means we have a week left to get too much work done. We're cutting it pretty close but I'm sure we can get through it.

Anyway, here's a picture of all of the drawn storyboards, I'll upload some of our shots when we have them finalized. But even through the render tests, it's looking pretty cool. I guess that's all for now, back to the 15 hour days!


The End of the Semester

It's crazy to think that I'm already through the first semester. The amount of work that the Kiwi's Can Fly team has achieved in just 12 weeks is incredible, and in our pitch to the second year students yesterday, it was great seeing it all come together. We have two gorgeous characters modeled, rigged, and in the middle of being textured, which had an amazing response from tutors and students. 

We also have all of the storyboards drawn for the four episodes of our show that we will be making this year and two of them have been made into full animatics. Over the holidays I will be working on the last two animatics, as well as working out the lighting which we will be using in the final product. All in all, a pretty exciting year so far and there is so much more to come.


The Daunting First Post

I have been dreading making the first post on my blog because I know that I have to keep posting regularly. But on Monday 16th, we had James Partridge come in to give us a lecture about the importance of getting ourselves out there and doing this kind of thing, so this is probably the best point to start. Thanks to James Partridge for kicking off this half semester with some motivation!